Branding, Market Positioning, Collections

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Branding, Market Positioning, Collections

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Receive first-hand information about the local trends and demands for the next season


From Fashion4Russia we can help you in the market positioning of your brands in the Russian-speaking markets. From our depth knowlegde of the Russian market and customers taste, we can advice you about the best approach when defining your collections for these markets. From our distributor network, we know at first hand which kind of products are being demanded in the current season by the buyers, both retailers and customers.

Which is our main objective? Obtaining the maximum visibility and right positioning for your products

Market research and reports


We elaborate market reports - both regional and countrywide - with detailed information and data, specifically for your product segment: textile, accesories and/or jewelry. We may cover both mass-market and luxury segments.

Marketing campaigns


The brand awareness is a key factor to attract final clients and distributors. We can arrange for you online and offline ads campaigns, PR activities and showrooms to strengthen your brand image.

Russian Vogue magazine cover