Baudot 1927

Luxury shoes from Mallorca

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Speaking of shoes, not to mention Baudot 1927 is an all sin

Baudot 1927 is a Mallorcan firm that evokes the Mediterranean and a centuries old tradition of which it feeds, to provide a unique, manual processing and with the experience of craftsmen with over 30 years of experience on their backs.

Four different lines of products

The firm works in four different lines: Esssential Line, Summum Line, Line Art Line and Box. Each advocates a type of footwear, more or less elegant and more or less sober, with a color range that extends from the cognac until burgundy, to chocolate brown, black, beige or even shoes bi-color with fusions of different tissues. They put the finishing touches to a garment which in itself makes the difference in the look.

The style has a strong classical ideals touch with proposals to match with outfits suit or more formal registration.

Tradition and Goodyear techniques

Respecting the shoe making tradition of Inca and sewing techniques using Goodyear, committed to providing high-end shoes without getting into a price war: quality comes at a cost and we must be willing to pay for it. In addition to classic and timeless designs, they have launched a shoe line called Platinum Club, where we can choose how we want our shoes to fit perfectly not only our feet but our style.

Baudot 1927 is a firm that knows the importance of personal style within the wear good shoes and is aware that, despite it involves a significant outlay, the result and the quality certainly deserve it.

A shoe for life, with a superb style and an overwhelming personality which alone forms and structure a whole look full.